I am knitting and making crocheted items since I was 10 years old. I like designing new things and making them real. My mother and my grandmother were my role models. They also did sewing, knitting and I always helped them. While they .were knitting and sewing I was sewing for my dolls especially enjoy knitting and cannot sit on the sofa without my knitting materials. I love purchasing things and then suddenly I have an idea about these materials, I either make jewelry or have a form in my idea to knit. I start and do not stop creating until I really like what I create.
Before I opened a shop in Etsy , I was knitting for my daughter and granddaughter. They loved them all and when they wear them people around were asking where they bought it from or who made it, and received lots of compliments. Then my daughter told me about internet site Etsy and told me to open a shop there and share my creations with the world. I opened my shop with her help. Now I handle everything in the shop myself.